Keep your SCM application Agile 

Upgrading to the latest SAP SCM EHP offers new features and functionalities to improve supply chain management in the age of digital disruption. However, like any change, SCM EHP upgrades face operational challenges of time, cost, complexity and risk that can delay or even derail an upgrade.


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  • Achieve real time analytic, responsive SCM for better business outcomes
  • Increase the agility of your SCM with SAP HANA
  • Migrate to SAP HANA without complexity, risk and defects
Panaya CloudQualityTM Suite

Learn why global IT departments use Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite to easily scope and accelerate the delivery of all types of changes in your SAP SCM.

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The Road to Responsive, Customer Centric SCM with Panaya

View this intelligible process flow to agile supply chain management for your SAP SCM using Panaya CloudQuality™ Suite

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