Have no Fear, Salesforce Data Quality is Near - Best Practices

On-Demand Webinar
As data becomes the core assess of all organizations, the quality of the data is what determines the success of the business. Data must be accurate, reliable, and actionable.

Join Panaya's Director of Product Management, Ephrat Geisler, in this discussion on Data Quality - What it means and how to achieve it.
During the webinar you will learn about:
  • Key Characteristics of Data Quality in Salesforce
  • Ways to Improve & Maintain the Quality of your Salesforce Data
  • How to Identify & Prevent Data Quality Problems Before They Start

Who should watch?

These webinars are for decision makers and professionals involved in Salesforce management, development and customization, who thrive for innovation and change.

  • Salesforce Admins
  • Salesforce Team Leaders
  • Business Application Managers
  • Salesforce Developers
  • Salesforce Architects

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