Real-world advice and practical steps to secure your business critical SAP applications.

Do you know that 95% of SAP systems are exposed to vulnerabilities, effecting compliance, performance and the overall business?

Hear veteran SAP security expert Gordon Muehl provide a detailed State of SAP Security with expert advice on how to ensure your systems stay safe, current and efficient.

Learn best practices and guidelines from SAP shops on how to:

  • Cover security and compliance gaps not protected with today’s traditional security measures
  • Incorporate SAP vulnerability and compliance assessments into standard security operations
  • Streamline the visibility and management of vulnerabilities with industry tools
VP at Infosys, SAP security expert

Gordon Muehl, Vice President Industrie 4.0/Industrial Internet Infosys is an SAP veteran working in the industry for 18+ years. As a former CTO of Security at SAP, Gordon is an expert in the field and fluent in the importance of the matter, its criticality to business and the measures needed for a secure SAP.

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